Brother Trickster:

The Cultism Of Zac Kijinski's Gladstone Neverland

A Spiritwatch Ministries Exclusive

Part 1      Zac's Golden Daze; His Teen Cult Leadership And The Beginnings Of A Well-Spun Queen City Credulity

Part 2     The Draw of Gladstone; A Hidden Curricula, Zac's Work Gospel, Marriage "Idolatry" And The Kundalini Boogy

Part 3     A Community Of Concern; The Mounting Of Abuses, Worldly "Missions" And Gladstone's "Counseling" Scammery

Part 4     At Ground Zero; Cincinnati Magazine, Rebranding, The Stickler Email Supernova And Uncommon Pursery

Part 5      Slaughterhouse; Deception, Love Bombing, The Darker Corners Of Zac's Empire And His New Playground

Part 6     The Unpaid Bills; The Current State of Neverland, Who Knew What And A Biblical Perspective On Zac's Heresy

Based on Eyewitness Testimony, Documented History and Scriptural Mandate

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