Host A Spiritwatch Discernment Conference! 

Christians, pastors, church leaders:

  • Challenged by deceptive teachers, cult missionaries and abusive spirituality?

  • Needing Biblical, balanced responses to the endtimes apostasy now arising?

  • Prompted by the Spirit to contend for the Faith but don't quite know where to begin?

Reverend Rafael and SPIRITWATCH MINISTRIES are here to help!

As part of our ongoing ministry, Spiritwatch Ministries not only directly counters cultic activity in personal outreach and individual assistance but also provides conference and teaching ministry to any Christian church or Christian school who asks for it.  It is our desire to help equip the Christian church in spiritual discernment and countercult ministry at every possible level - from Sunday Schools to Christian academy sessions, from Christian teaching to full scale preaching.

Cult awareness and evangelistic training, workshops on helping cult victims in recovery, as well as specialized tracks of study and interventional ministry that Spiritwatch stands ready to provide. Click here for letters of recommendation of our ministry.

Reverend Rafael Martinez, a Lee College graduate (class of 1991) and licensed minister with the Church of God (Cleveland) also stands ready to bring to any church needing it his own unique and memorable approach to the Word of God by the power and leading of the Spirit of God .. all to the glory of God.  

Although bivocational by necessity, Rafael is available for revivals, retreats and preaching appointments and will have a true word from the Lord for the congregations or groups he ministers to. Click here to listen to an example of his teaching  or email him if you are interested in having him come personally to preach and teach the Word of God.

                                   Conference Formats

Our most requested teaching ministries have been our weekend conferences.  It is our conviction that rising apostasy is the most vital prophetic sign of the end-times according to the words of Jesus in Matthew 24:4. We therefore begin with a workshop on last-days deception contrasted with last-days discernment of the Christian Church that can be held in one or two sessions (depending on your desire for in-depth study or a more brief treatment). We are flexible! 

A workshop on cult evangelism principles is then held prior to any individual examinations of cultic group teaching and practice. These first two to three workshops provide a solid Biblical and practical foundation for discernment and ministry upon which our additional teachings are based. These introductory talks can then be augmented by any course of study the church would desire. 

We believe that all pastors and church leadership should have some idea about the challenges they have found facing them locally and we stand ready to provide workshops on a given spiritual counterfeit. Additional topics related to discernment such as combatting cult mind control, defending the authority of Scripture, how to help family members in cults, etc can then be held. 

The format for our ministry is one you set up. We only seek to serve and will remain as flexible as possible to meet your teaching and spiritual needs. We simply ask that travel and housing expenses for us be met as well as a love offering made for our team.

Special Services

We also offer confidential pastoral counseling as well as interventions with families and individuals impacted by cultic movements or deceptive spirituality abroad today. We assist in a non-confrontational manner and do not engage in coercive "deprogramming" Prayer and continued intercession for those directly affected by abusive spirituality, from members of abusive groups to family members is also offered. This is our greatest desires for our ministry times in Christian settings, to help provide support and caring for those who are profoundly affected by cultic influences. You may find more information on our work here.

Our ministry doesn't stop when we leave - we will, as you allow, stay in touch to support, pray with and counsel you in your times of need. We don't seek to be gurus .. just concerned friends who want to help the troubled stand for truth in a day of deception.

Additionally, there may be a unique challenge facing your community that isn't often seen somewhere else which we can address in our teaching seminars as well as in our counsel. Contact us for information!

Spiritwatch Ministries, Hammond, Indiana
Taking heed since 1993 that no man deceive you.

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