COURT TV Articles On The Joseph/Sonya Smith Murder Trial

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Murder trial set to start for parents accused  of beating their 8-year-old son to death

Prosecutor says religious parents punished their 8-year-old son to death

Babysitter: Dad accused of killing his 8-year-old son told me to 'hit him hard' if he cried

Couple accused of killing their son, 8, had another child die, jurors learn

Experts tell jurors 8-year-old boy died from bacterial infection, not from parental abuse

Prosecutor blasts expert who claimed 8-year-old boy died from infection

Jurors weigh case against parents accused of beating their 8-year-old son to death

Sonya Smith and Joseph Smith were convicted  Friday of killing their son in 2003

Couple sentenced  to life plus 30 years for beating death of their 8-year-old son



Parents Convicted Of Murdering Son: Date Of Conviction Was His Birthday


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