Come To Christ! Three Bible Steps To Salvation

Confess your sins (Romans 10:9-10)

Repent of your sinfulness (Acts 2:38)

Commit your life to Christ through a prayer like below: (Acts 8:37)

"Lord Jesus,I recognize my need for You to change my life."

"I cannot fix myself. I cannot be good enough. My sin is an offense to your Father."

"My self-righteousness is nothing compared to Yours."

"Lord Jesus, I repent and resolve to sin no more, but I need your grace. I need your mercy."

"I ask and now believe that you hear me and will forgive me my sins!"

"Create within me a new heart and mind and fill it with your Spirit."

"By faith now, I trust you with my life - help me live as You desire me to do"

"Thank you, Lord Jesus - come into my life and make me one with our Father!"

That's it. Believe .. on Christ .. and your world will change.

IIf you've made that your prayer, praised be the Name of the One who just saved you by faith!

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